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Roasted Chicken Ramen

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes- boil water!

We love ramen.  Any kind of ramen.  But this one is near and dear!  Some coaching for you: eating ramen is partly about proper positioning, so, get yourself close enough, but far enough away, to transfer noodles from bowl to mouth with chopstick. Don’t mind a little splatter. Pluck out your favorite bits. Let the steam’s aroma deepen your connection. Immerse yourself (but not literally)! It’s also about timing. The ramen noodles should be eaten al dente, but the hot broth makes the noodle prone to going soft. So, don’t wait, get in there – the experience hangs in the balance.  And slurp away—it helps cool the liquid and aerates the broth, releasing everything you’d hoped for!  Ok, maybe a bit much, but it’s still joyous.  So, lean in and make it yours!


For the ramen:

We’re gonna make this as simple as possible for you guys, but it’s still a bit of a process to get everything ready. It’s not that bad! Just bear with us. 

First things first, let’s caramelize the chicken breasts a bit. We don’t necessarily need to heat these through, cause the broth will help with that. But we do want to get some color on them, and bloom the flavors. I would recommend slicing before broiling. Starting at the wing joint, slice into ½” thick strips, at a steep angle, and keep the pieces shingled together. On a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil, arrange the chicken breasts for a quick broil under high heat. Broil, for 4-5 minutes, till the skin has picked up some serious color and is fragrant from the hoisin glaze. Once hot, set aside till you’ve built everything else for the bowl!


For the broth:

Warm all the broth over medium heat til it’s simmering happily. Equip yourself with a ladle for scooping the broth once everything else is ready.


For the beans and peas:

Don’t need to do anything to these – they are cooked, dressed, and will be warmed through by the broth. Or, keep them on the side – fresh bean salad!


For the noodles/building the bowl:

Best way to fire up these beautiful fresh noodles from Sun Noodle Co. is to quickly boil them, one parcel at a time. Get your water on, and equip your station with a scoopy-strainey-apparatus so that you can easily remove the noodles from the boiling water. Once everything else is good to go, drop in a bundle of noodles, cook for 90 seconds, scoop them out, give them a shake, and pop them right into the bottom of your bowl. Top with the beans + peas, pickled mushrooms, egg, scallions, sliced chicken, and finally, 12-16 fl oz of hot broth ladled over everything. Add some miso paste depending on your preference, and sit back to revel in the beauty of your one-bowl dinner! 


Enjoy 🙂 <3 WECO


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