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Roasted Mushroom Noodle Bowl

It’s the return of the fan favorite mushroom noodles. I am not surprised that this one received so many compliments the first time it appeared on a menu—how can you go wrong with roasted mushrooms, yuzu pickles, and miso glazed tofu. You can’t. It’s a no-brainer for us, and in this hot, summer weather, a big bowl of roasted mushrooms + noodles definitely hits the spot. We would eat this cold, but you can always give them the pan-fry they need to bring them to life. In a super hot nonstick pan, fry up the noodles, mushrooms and tofu with a bit of oil, toss toss toss, and once they’re hot and fragrant, they’re ready to go! Easy. Toss with the miso vinaigrette and yuzu pickles. Get in there. Yum!


If you got a roasted chicken breast:

Good call! Sometimes, a simple soy marinade is all that you need to make an organic, ABF chicken breast worthy of gracing the top of a bowl. This is also yummy however you like – we love the contrast of warm slices of chicken and cold salad, so add hot chicken to your cold bowl. Or cold chicken to a hot bowl. You get the point. You be you.  Regardless, slice it on a strong bias and either: 1)toss it right on your bowl as is OR 2) shingle it on a piece of foil and broil for 3-5 minutes OR 3) grill the chicken breast until it’s nice and hot.


That’s it!

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