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Roasted Pork Loin


Reheating time: 7-12 minutes- preheat oven to 400F!

Who’s excited for pork!!!?? Yaaaaas pork! We love pork. We love everything. We are so enthusiastic about everything we do over here. It’s just the best. This job rocks. We love feeding all you hungry WECO fam peeps. It just brings us so much joy. Tonight we’ve got some amazing brown sugar brined pork chops for ya- and boy are they delicious. What better to cut the sweetness than a smoky caper and pickled mustard seed relish- this stuff is the real deal. You’ll see. We also have some awesome roasted potatoes tossed in a late winter celery root and leek soubise… what makes potatoes better than just potatoes? Butter, leeks, heavy cream, and celery root. I said it once, but I’ll say it again- yaaaaaaaas. Oh yeah, and on the subject of “what makes *blank* better than just *blank*, insert brussels sprouts, and add bacon. And green garlic salsa verde. Oh yasss. Get in there!

For the pork:

Two ways to go about this- you got a quick and easy way, and you got a longer but more rewarding way. I’ll start with the quick and easy, cause I know how hangry y’all can get. I get it though- it’s dinnertime. Shut up Gavin, tell me what the heck to do with all this food. I got you. Fast and easy way for the pig is like so: slice the pork chops into ½” slices (the long way) and shingle them on a sheet tray lined with foil. Drizzle some olive oil on there, or smother them in softened butter (my choice, obviously), and broil/bake until they are hot, about 3-5 minutes. Easy!

The longer and more rewarding way is like so: using a cast iron or nonstick pan, sear the heck out of the pork chops in some butter or olive oil. Over medium heat, let them caramelize, basting with a spoon. Tilt the pan slightly towards you so the fat pools, scoop it with a spoon, and pour it over the top of the meat. If you have any garlic cloves, toss a few in there. Once it’s seared evenly on both sides, remove it from the pan and let it rest for a minute. Once rested, slice it into ½” slices (the long way!) and plate it up! Whatever method you use, don’t forget that relish. A little goes a long way.

For the potatoes:

Bake or broil- the choice is yours. I would recommend a combo of the two. Bake the potatoes in an even layer on a sheet tray for 5-8 minutes at 425F, and then transfer them to the broiler to get some color on the top. Caramelized soubise is the best kind of soubise. It might break under high heat- but don’t worry. The flavors cannot be broken. Just like me. Just kidding, I’m so broken…

For the brussels sprouts:

Follow the same instructions as the potatoes for these. Heck, you can even heat them up on the same tray if you’d like. For these, however, it’s definitely important to get that broil action in there. The brussels may have been crispy this morning, but by the time they get to you, they may have lost that crunch. Crisping in the broiler really helps bloom the flavors and give us some of that awesome char. Broil it up, kids!

That’s it! Simple and easy. Hopefully my reheating times weren’t too far off today. I promise, I’m working on it. I keep in mind that I am probably much faster than all of y’all in the kitchen. Love you, mean it 🙂 Dinner is served, and solved


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Every week when designing salads/bowls/second options/whatever we are calling them these days, I struggle to think of something substantial enough to be a meal on its own, but different enough to set it apart from the main dinner. Sometimes I nail it, and sometimes, we end up with a salad like tonight. I don’t know why, but I really wanted a spinach salad last week when I was writing the menu. And I started daydreaming cause I was hungry, and it was kind of like this… “hmmm… spinach… what else… bacon… yes… bacon… good… ok roasted chicken? Yes… chicken… good… ok what else… blue cheese??? Oh yes…. What else… we need a veggie… carrots… perfect… dressing? What’s my favorite… honey mustard… yessssss…. Ok im hungry” that’s literally how my brain works. So while this salad may be more of an excuse to eat all of our favorite things on a bed of spinach and baby kale, it’s still delicious, and nutritious. To prepare, toss everything in a bowl, season it up with some salt and pep, and drizzle that dressing all over everything. Toss it up to combine, and dig into heavenly, leaf filled satisfaction. You can thank my appetite for this one. Enjoy!

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