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Roasted Pork

Thanks for ordering!

What a week! This was a big one. It seems like every week, we get more and more orders- and that just makes us so happy. We love feeding our WECO fam, and your support and praise is what keeps us going. Two menu options per day? No problem. This week was filled with amazing offerings, and we are ending it on a high note for sure. Tonight’s offerings are some of my favorites that we have ever done. The pork came out AMAZING, the green beans are delicious, and the potatoes, well, you’ll see… To die for. Not only is the main dinner delicious, but those grain bowls- my goodness. Packed full of nutrient rich ingredients, the squash and grain bowls will satisfy your belly and your soul. So, as we kick off a (well deserved!) three days off, we’re bringing you happiness on a plate tonight. 

Get in there!

For the pork:

Best way to reheat this lovely pork tenderloin is to broil or roast it until it is nice and caramelized on top, and heated through. Once it’s nice and hot, give it a rest for a minute or two, and slice!  

For the twice baked potatoes:

These will do best in the oven as well. Roast or broil the potatoes until the cheese is golden brown and melty, and the insides are warm. A good way to check is by sticking in a cake tester or small knife for a second, and then pressing it against your bottom lip to feel the temperature. Once it’s hot, they’re ready! Don’t forget to drizzle some chipotle crema on there- that stuff is the truth. I’d honestly put it on everything if I could. And I will. Cause I can!

For the green beans:

These ones want to be broiled on high for a short amount of time, so the butter gets nice and melty, and they start to sizzle and pop. Throw them under the broiler once the potatoes and pork are almost done! 

If you got a squash + grain bowl:

This dish was prepared with flexibility in mind. You can either enjoy it cold, as is, or warm everything up in the oven or microwave. Definitely transfer it into an oven safe dish before warming it in the oven though! Don’t want to catch the container on fire 🙂

That’s it! Have a wonderful weekend, and we will see you on Tuesday

Dinner is served, and solved.



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