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Roasted Squash Grain Bowl

Reheating Grain Bowls!

The return of the winter classic- no, not the outdoor hockey game, our roasted squash grain bowls. You guys can all thank Dan for this one. Dan is such a hard worker- literally anything we ask him to do, he will do, no questions asked, and he’ll do a great job. I feel like Dan has basically done everything except cook at WECO. Now that I’m thinking about it, I should probably just let Dan do my job too. If any of you have ever interacted with Dan over email, you know that his number one priority is to make people happy- and when he wished for the grain bowls to come back, I decided it was time that we repaid the favor for his hard work. Wanna meet Dan? Me, Rachel and Dan will be showing our faces at farmers markets all over MA this summer- so visit your local market, and maybe you’ll see us! Tonight’s bowl looks and feels like the classic, but with a summery addition of zucchini and summer squash to brighten up the butternut. We’ve also got loads of Ray’s leaves- today they are baby kale, rainbow spicy kale, and baby mustard greens, and the salsa has been given a warm-weather facelift. The rest remains- perfectly poached farro, crunchy seeds, succulent, roasted squashes. Goat cheese for creamy depth, and to pack a tangy punch on top. I would enjoy this bowl cold- as a refreshing contrast to the warm grain bowls of the winter, just mixing everything together with the salsa, and diving on in. However, if you want to microwave it for a few minutes, go for it. Just make sure to remove the ramekins before doing so! Either way, you can thank Dan for this one. Thanks Dan!


If you got peach BBQ chicken breast:

If you ask me, summer starts in June. It’s hot, I wanna go to the beach, peaches are coming in, these are all the indicators that I need to make the call. Three more weeks? Nah. Summer starts today. This is 100% an excuse to use the first of the season peaches, coming in from Georgia. They may not be ripe yet, but the sour starchy peaches make some really good BBQ sauce… you gotta cook them down waaaay farther than usual, and the result is a thick and viscous sauce that has underlying floral, molassey peach notes. Lather some ABF organic chicken breasts up with the peach BBQ, give them a quick roast, and you’re in business. To reheat, either grill or broil the breasts until hot- about 5-6 minutes, flipping halfway. Slice it up, pile the slices high on your grain bowl, and enjoy! Happy summer! <3 WECO

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