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Salmon + Steak Fried Rice

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

It was almost TWO MONTHS ago when we first showcased salmon on one of our menus. I literally can’t believe that. Two months. Insane. Every time we have brought it back, we have improved on the set, the process, and our favorite part- the glaze. When reheating salmon at home, it’s so important that you have a really good sauce- I don’t have any reason for that statement, other than the fact that a really good sauce makes everything better. And it’s important. Sauce is important. Tonight, we’ve given the salmon a nice bath in a classic teriyaki marinade, slow roasted the fish till cooked to perfection, and provided you with the ultimate sweet chili mango glaze for broiling and drizzling on top. What else? We’ve got sirloin steak fried rice. There was a bit of a mishap in the butcher room last week, and my guy called me asking if I could take a bunch of diced sirloin at a very reasonable price point. I guess a new guy cut up the prime sirloin thinking that it was, lke, beef chuck or something… Too bad for that guy, but great for us. We have sirloin, and it’s in the fried rice. We win. Also green beans, and marinated cucumbers to round everything out. Very delicious dinner tonight. I can’t wait to eat, and I’m so happy that we can share with you fine folks tonight!

Get in there!

For the salmon:

If you’ve ordered salmon from us before, you know that we definitely don’t want to cook the fish too much. It’s already cooked, and unless you like it very overcooked, simply warm it through, and get some caramelization on the skin.  On a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil, arrange the salmon pieces skin side up. Pop them under the broiler on low for about 2-3 minutes, until the skin begins to blister and sizzle. Flip them over, and generally coat them with the sweet chili mango glaze. Broil for another 3-4 minutes, or until warmed through. Give them another flip, distribute the glaze onto the skin side, and give a final kiss under the broiler to caramelize the glaze on the skin, about 2 minutes more. That’s it! Easy. Or, microwave (not recommended). NOTE: EAT THE SKIN! DON’T BE A BABY! The skin has alllllll the best nutrients. It’s also delicious, and if I hear about anyone not eating the skin, I’m going to be upset. 

For the fried rice:

This is my favorite rice that we have done yet. You’ll soon see why. To reheat, don’t overthink it. Fry the rice. In a nonstick pan, fry out the rice over high heat with a little butter or oil. Once it’s hot, fragrant, and delicious, it’s ready. 

You can also microwave. I won’t judge you guys. Do what you will. 

For the green beans + cucumbers:

Call me crazy, which I know you do, but I wouldn’t heat up the green beans. The cucumbers are definitely cold, so don’t even think about warming those up. But the beans, they’re just too good cold. Summer beans have the best texture, chewy, sweet, and some snap mixed in. These ones have been flash-roasted, and tossed with sesame and sichuan peppercorns. If you want them hot, microwave away. But if not, just use these two components as a cool, crisp and refreshing side for the rest of the dinner. That’s it! Enjoy 🙂 WECO <3


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