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Save the Noodles 2021!

You might have been able to tell, I’m super bummed out- but I’m trying to get over it. 

This is a really good way to make use of the components that I AM happy with, and while it is not a full dinner, it’s still a yummy little side for whatever you may decide to eat tonight. Green papaya is really cool- it’s starchy, but not like a potato or a piece of bread. It has a freshness and crunchy texture that holds dressings really well, and even with a heavy dressing, it still provides a lot of substance and crunch. This makes it amazing by itself, but with chewy egg noodles and crunchy peanuts, it’s something entirely new.

First things first, let’s cook the noodles. Bring some water up to a boil in a large pot, season it with salt, and drop the noodles in. Cook the noodles for 90 seconds, but test one and make sure they are done. Should be chewy, but not toothsome. 

Once they are cooked, strain them out and rinse with some cold water to cool them down. Shake them out in a colander or strainer to rid them of excess liquid, and pop them in a large mixing bowl. 

Empty the contents of the papaya salad container into the bowl, and mix everything together to coat the noodles. Crack some black pepper in there, and portion into bowls. Top with the crushed peanuts, and enjoy! 

While it may not be as good as the curry could have been, it’s still a really great little dish. 

Thank you so much for your support. We love you all <3

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