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Shrimp + Grits

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

The day has come! If you ask us, it couldn’t have come sooner. Shrimp and grits is on the menu. But this is not your run-of-the-mill shrimp and grits. This is beautiful, citrus poached organic and chem-free sustainably farmed shrimp, stone ground yellow corn polenta grits with roasted butternut squash, and sides + salad to match. It’s the real deal, but with our usual WECO twist. We’ve done grits similar to these before, under the guise of polenta – but did you know they are basically the same thing? Grits are traditionally made from hominy, or white corn, but we like the stone ground italian polenta more 🙂 With shrimp, you can’t lose. For sides, we’ve got roasted broccolini + asparagus- all dressed up with smoked olive oil + lemon thyme. Heck yes. Finally, a gem lettuce salad with buttermilk green goddess dressing. Win, win, and, WIN. What are you waiting for?! Get in there!


For the shrimp and broccolini/asparagus:

These two components are the only things going in the oven this evening, and this means that they can be reheated together. The best way is to slowly warm them in the oven, then give a quick broil for some color/char. On a large sheet tray or casserole dish, arrange the shrimp and veggies side by side. Cover with aluminum foil, and pop them in the oven at 375F. Bake for 3-5 minutes, till hot, then remove the foil and give them a quick broil to caramelize slightly – 2 minutes or so. Once they’re hot, they’re ready!


For the polenta:

Polenta is a PITA to heat up sometimes, so bear with us here. In a saute pan, bring some butter or oil and water to a simmer. Probably like a tablespoon of each per portion. Add the polenta to the pan, add a bit more water, and start breaking it up. Stir, adding more water (and maybe a bit more butter) until it begins to soften. Basically you just gotta stir the heck out of this over medium heat, adding liquid or cooking out liquid as necessary. It should be bubbly and smooth when you’re done. Give it a taste, might need a bit more salt after the water has been added. Once it’s hot, smooth, and seasoned, it’s ready for you!


For the gem lettuces:

This. Is. Our. Favorite. Dressing. Yet. It’s the real deal. Tons of herbs, creme fraiche, citruses… It’s a total knock-your-socks-off salad enhancer. Paired up with some fluffy crunchy gem lettuce leaves, we’re in for a real treat tonight! To prepare the salad, simply toss the leaves in a bowl, season lightly with s+p, and dress with the green goddess. Mix it all up, and stack the leaves high on a plate! 


Thanks again for ordering! <3 WECO


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