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Shrimp Pesto Bowl

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Do you have any self imposed rules? Like have you ever said to yourself, “new rule, I’m not gonna drink apple juice anymore”, and then hold yourself to that? I have a couple of those rules- and the only one you’ll probably care about is my reluctance to pair ocean life with cheese. For my entire life, I’ve really questioned how people can live with themselves after eating a fish sandwich with a slice of cheese on top, or like lobster mac + cheese, or (please never) some sort of tuna casserole with cheese. It just kinda freaks me out a little. Like cheese has absolutely no place anywhere near a piece of fish. There’s one problem with this, however. Sometimes, people like cheesy fish. Or maybe not fish, but like shrimp + pesto is a pretty reasonable request- right? I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. What I do know is this: sometimes you don’t even need cheese to take a pesto to the next level. For this one tonight, we used the old vegan umami hack- nutritional yeast. This beautiful ingredient is not only high in vitamins and minerals (hence, nutritional), but it emulates some of the richness and funk of cheese, without having any of the dairy or fat. This results in a pesto that has depth, flavor, nuttiness, but remains clean and pure when applied to something delicate like roasted shrimp. We can all win! To reheat: don’t! Cold quinoa salad with roasted veggies and shrimp. Cold is best here. Dress everything in a large bowl with the sundried tomato vinaigrette, season it up, and dive in 🙂 Or, microwave…!

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