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Shrimp Salad

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Shriiiiiiiiiiiiimps! Who doesn’t love some shrimps. I love shrimps. These ones are smaller shrimps. Last week, big shrimps. This week, smaller shrimps, and they’re on a salad too. What else is on the salad? Well, let me tell YOU! We got shaved napa cabbage and iceberg lettuce, shaved radishes, cukes, cherry tomatoes (which are excellent right now by the way- growers in Florida are going OFF!), and yep, pineapple. Let’s talk about pineapple a little bit- I learned a very valuable lesson one time when we did our shrimp al pastor tacos- if you don’t cook pineapple, it has this crazy enzyme in it that actually tenderizes meat. Awesome for marinating stuff, not so awesome for cooked shrimp. We dressed up the shrimp for tacos with tons of achiote and fresh chunks of pineapple, and by the time y’all went to reheat them, the shrimp had basically dissolved. It was a complete disaster. I almost cried. I hate when we mess up- because we’re messing up your dinner! Not today. We love the combo of shrimp and pineapple, but not the disintegrated texture when they hang out together for extended periods of time. So we put the pineapple on the side. Easy. Last but not least- roasted green chile vinaigrette. So freaking good. To prepare this marvelous bowl of goodness, simply toss everything in a bowl and dress it up with the green chile vinaigrette. Toss toss, salt and pepper, and that’s all she wrote. Enjoy!

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