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Smoked Salmon Salad

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I know- wow, two salads this week featuring fish. I hear it all the time- “we want more fish! Why don’t you do fish?! What do you have against fish!!?? What fish hurt you as a child?!??! Are you afraid of the ocean? What is wrong with you! Fish are delicious!” I know. I love fish. I am not afraid of the ocean (but a healthy fear of sharks is important, especially for us Cape Cod surfers). Fish is really hard to do just right- even in a restaurant. Once a piece of fish is cooked, it has about a 10 minute lifespan in which it will be delicious- anything past that, it just gets weird. We can’t serve you perfectly cooked filets of black bass, or pieces of salmon, because 1. It would reheat terribly and 2. I am freaked out about transporting fish and 3. Fish usually has to be cooked very lightly and delicately, and again, I’m freaked out about transporting fish. Smoked/tinned fish, that’s fair game. I’ve been looking around to find some smoked salmon that I can really get behind, as we don’t have the facilities to produce enough smoked salmon for all of you- and I found some! It’s sustainably farmed Nova salmon, cured and smoked with pastrami spices. It’s so good. We kept it simple for this salad, highlighting the beautiful (and expensive) salmon that is draped on top. To prepare, just drizzle that creamy caper vinaigrette over the top, and start forking around in there. Maybe some salt, a crack of black pepper, but the world is your oyster. And no, we will never do oysters. Sorry. I wish. I’ll figure something out. Enjoy!

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