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Snap Pea Salad

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Peas and potatoes- a combo you never knew that you needed in your life. Spring peas are probably my favorite part about the whole four seasons thing, for a couple of reasons. Primarily being that they are just delicious and so much fun to eat. Also, because they remind me of simpler times as a child, sitting beneath the trellis in my grandfather’s garden, chowing down on the crunchy, dangling veggies. But most importantly, it’s because of their versatility and multi dimensional functionality in a dish. They can either be the star of the show, like they were with last night’s pasta, present some contrast and vibrancy, like they do tonight, or provide a subtly earthy and sweet undertone- like they do in our spring pea bechamel (for the lasagna!). So many things to do with the mighty green legume family, and so little time! We’re trying to cram it all in this week and next, but hopefully the season stays strong this year. Tonight, the starchy sweet snap pea is featured with lots of other green legumes, like snow peas, green beans, fava beans, english peas, and green garbanzos. The starch is matched with some young fingerling potatoes, sweet and snappy, dressed with confit shallots and lots of olive oil. Field greens on top, with a creamy whipped ricotta to pull it all together. To assemble your salad, toss everything in a mixing bowl, and gently mix in the whipped ricotta so that it semi-coats all the veggies. Mix it up really well, give it a season, and enjoy 🙂 <3 WECO

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