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Soba Bowl

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Super stoked for this one. I have been waiting all winter long to enjoy cold noodles once again. The weather was kinda nice last week, my thermometer jumped a few degrees above 70, and I made the call. Cold noodle time starts… Today. Featuring refreshing roasted shitake and edamame dumplings, marinated eggplant, a bevvy of shaved carrots, pickled ginger, and one of my favorite WECO dressings- the roasted sesame + ginger vinaigrette. There is a catch, however. It’s cold outside. Seems like my early spring optimism incited just the right amount of ironic humor from Mother Nature, and she decided to turn my cold noodle plans right upside down. Not to fear, however. Like a convertible, pants with zippers that turn into shorts, or the saying “can you believe this weather we’re having?”, tonight’s bowl fits into just about any atmosphere, hot or cold. As the late great Jerry Garcia once lamented, “I’m going where the climate suits my clothes…” well, you don’t have to go anywhere. This bowl will take you to where you want to be. No more goin’ down the road, feeling bad. Go into this bowl, and feel good! For a hot bowl, remove the ramekin of roasted sesame dressing and pop the bowl in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, till it’s nice and hot. Mix in that dressing, and be happy. Alternatively, embrace the chill of the day with the cool, crisp satisfaction of cold noodles and crunchy carrots. Or do half and half, and see which you like better. Whatever you do, just keep on the bright side of life. <3

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