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Spring BBQ!

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

Remember that time, when we were all like, “ok this it it! This is the last time we are gonna do Fall BBQ!” and then the time after that, when we were like “ok for real guys, no more Winter BBQ! See you in the summer!” I remember. For some reason, I couldn’t get it out of my head: spring BBQ. What does it even mean. Nobody knows! But it’s catchy, and it involves pulled pork and cornbread. So, I’m in. Seems like you guys are too. Let’s talk about it a little. Why this stuff, for spring? Well, here’s why. First up, slaw. Slaw, so versatile, so complex, so simple, everything that good food should be. Shaved radishes, overwintered fennel and carrots, and a ranch dressing with the first of the spring onions. That’s why slaw. Mac salad. One word. Peas. Sweet, fun, and this time, in mayo form. Pea mayo is just way too much fun to say. Baked potatoes? Do we REALLY need a reason? And the cornbread… Out with the maple butter, in with the scallions and cheddar. Last thing, pulled pork. See potato reasoning. Just because it’s tasty. That’s why!

Happy spring, kids! Get in there!

OK before we get into it (skip this if you’re really hungry!):

First, let me preface this section by saying something that’s been on my mind for a while now. Any way that you see fit to reheat your dinner is fair game. These instructions are simply guidelines, or the ways that I would prepare this stuff in my kitchen. But I don’t have children (yet), or a strict allotted time to eat, or any of the other things that we are here to alleviate for you folks- and I also can probably cook things in about ¼ of the time it takes you. Basically, you can just say “screw this guy, I’m microwaving everything” and it will probably be fine. Or you can throw it in the oven, cold, turn the thing on to 350F, and walk away for 20 minutes, and it will probably be fine. I just want to encourage interaction with your dinner. Food is sustenance, but a dinner is an experience. That’s all. I love you all, and I’m sorry if these instructions are more of a hindrance than a convenience. I promise I am taking these things into consideration, and bonus: tonight is easy 🙂

For the pulled pork, potatoes, and cornbread:

So easy. Set your oven to 375F. Don’t even wait for it to preheat. Pop the pork and the taters in a casserole dish or onto a sheet tray, and into the oven they go. Leave some space for the cornbread to be stacked on top later. 

Once your oven beeps or dings or rings or screams at you, to inform you that it is preheated, pull out the tray and stir the pork around a bit. Add the cornbread to your tray/dish, and return it to the oven. Bake until it’s hot enough for you! By the time the pork is done, the potatoes will be done too. Or, microwave it all. 

For the slaw:

Even easier. Place slaw in a bowl. Check. Toss with ranch. Check. Done. Check. 

For the mac salad:

Do nothing. Eat it right out of the container. Life is hard. Eat mac salad. 

That’s it! 

Spring BBQ, plus a little of my trademark whining about reheating stuff. I really do love you all. Enjoy your dinner!!! Thank you 🙂 #youareweco #dinnersolved

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