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Spring Burrata

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Aw, yes. Burrata. What the heck is burrata? And how do they make it so creamy and smooth? It’s actually a pretty cool process. But first- what’s the difference between burrata and mozzarella? Both are fresh cow’s milk cheeses made using the pasta filata (stretched curd) method. Mozzarella, also known as fior di latte (just means milk cream, but fior di latte is much prettier), has been produced in Campania since the 12th century. Burrata came around a bit later, and was invented by Lorenzo Bianchino in 1956. Yes, you can invent cheese. Cool story, but basically it snowed a lot in Italy- and this guy was worried that all his cream was gonna spoil before he could get it shipped out (not a lot of plows in Northern Italy in the 1950’s). So, being a crafty fellow, Lorenzo basically stretched out some of his mozzarella curd, and used it as a casing for the fresh cream. And that’s burrata. Thanks Lorenzo! Since then, not much has changed in the preparation of burrata, but lots of cheesemakers have their own tips and secrets. I’ve tried making it a couple times, but I totally suck at it. So we source some awesome burrata, and pair it up with the best offerings from spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Charred peas, spicy wild greens, and a nice pesto. I think I am a little confused about pesto. I don’t usually put nuts in it- can I still call it pesto? Calling it basil and arugula puree with parmesan cheese isn’t as nice as pesto. So, it’s pesto. Slice open that ball of goodness, go crazy with the pesto, and enjoy! <3 WECO

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