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Spring Lasagna

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

Lasagna so nice, we’ve made it twice. I’m curious how y’all feel about us repeating menu items. I know how hard it must be to try something for dinner, have an amazing experience, but then wonder, “when will I get this again?”… that’s the beauty of WECO, but also one of our inherent disadvantages. My reluctance to repeat or rely on fan favorites or staples can definitely hinder us in the long run. I’ll do things like BBQ or lasagna maybe once every few months, but just because I understand the hype and desirability of those things- and believe it or not, we definitely do want you to be happy! There’s also a certain magical quality that comes from a constantly changing menu. It keeps everyone on their toes, both on our side and for you, and makes every day feel special and unique. I’m really interested to hear what you would like to see make a comeback- I bet it’s dinners that I don’t even remember. Anyways, tonight speaks for itself. To give you an idea- I ate an entire quart container of the crouton scraps. And I’m dairy/gluten intolerant. It was worth it. Get in there!

For the lasagna:

Two approaches here: the fast and lazy way, which is totally fine ( I definitely won’t judge you, sometimes you just want to eat it NOW. And also, I’m in no position to judge after I admitted to eating 32oz of cheese, butter, and sourdough crumbs for breakfast…), or the long but better way.

Fast way: microwave for 3-4 minutes until hot

Longer and better way: Jam a couple toothpicks down the top of the lasagna to hold the layers together, drizzle some olive oil on the top (or rest a fat pad of butter on there), and arrange your lasagna pieces in a large casserole dish. With your oven preheating or at 400F, pop the casserole tray in there, and find something to occupy your time for 10-15 minutes. I recommend counting the number of fingers and toes that you have today- just a good exercise in general, but I feel like sometimes I lose track of how many I’m working with- and it’s always a good idea to do a quick check to make sure they’re all there. Keep an eye on the lasagna in the oven, they tend to want to slide all over the place- especially if you forgo the toothpick supports. Once it’s hot, and caramelized on the sides, and the filling is all gooey, and it smells amazing… Wipe the drool off your face, and pull out that tray. Carefully scoop onto a plate, aaaaaaand, bliss. Finally.

For the salad:

I totally forgot to call attention to this! We’ve got the first harvest of Applefield farms produce on your plate tonight. Ray dropped off like 200# of arugula for us yesterday, and it’s made an appearance in our arugula caesar salad. So freaking exciting. Stay tuned for more from Ray. He’s a veggie wizard, and the whole team over there at Applefield really knows what’s up. 

To prepare the salad, just toss everything in a bowl with the croutons, dress it up with the caesar dressing (this came out reeeeeeeally nice), season with salt and plenty of fresh cracked black pepper, toss toss toss, and plate it up!

That’s it! Stay tuned for the menu today at 4:30!

Thanks for ordering 🙂 #weareweco #dinnersolved <3

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