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Spring Pea + Udon Salad Bowl

You can totally tell when I’m starting to run out of interesting things to talk about on here, cause I will just revert to talking about the weather. I am pointedly aware of this, and despite my best efforts to divert the conversation into a more relevant or entertaining area, sometimes I just fail. But that’s fine, because the more I think about it, this salad(?) definitely falls into the category of summer food. It’s cool, crisp, refreshing, and basically everything I want to eat this summer. Chewy fat udon noodles studded with the bounty of summer peas and beans, crispy spicy greens, tons of crunchy things, and a cool tangy dressing. Sign me up for three. I actually did order this week, but I got declined. Believe it or not, this happens a lot- but I’m fine with it, cause I’d rather let y’all enjoy it 🙂 This bowl of goodness is 100% intended to be eaten cold, but I suppose you could microwave it or pan fry it as well- just leave the dressing off till the end. Bitter, nutty (no nuts, don’t worry- nuttyness comes from the roasted sesame seeds!), and sweet, the dressing ties everything together in the best way.

To prepare: toss everything in a large bowl, and mix mix mix! Drizzle the dressing on top, toss it into the noodles and veggies, and plate it up. If you’re going the hot route, as I said, you can either pan-fry everything in a large nonstick pan to get some caramelization on there, or just pop it in the microwave for a minute or two to take the chill off. Once it’s hot, drizzle the dressing on top like a sauce, and dig in! However, I definitely think cold is the way to go. Also, hot sauce is heavily recommended. For this dinner, I’d use a fermented chile sauce like sriracha. 


If you got a teriyaki chicken breast!

Excellent move, first of all. This bowl was crying out for some salty-sweet roasted chicken on top. To reheat, broil or grill the chicken until it’s nice and hot, about 2-3 minutes per side. Once it’s hot, slice it up and plate it right on top of the noodles + veggies! The dressing is really good on top of the chicken. Just sayin’.




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