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Steak + Grains

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I’ve never been one to worry about my health. I have been fortunate through these past 25 years to just absolutely beat the crap out of my body on a daily basis, eat junk, drink way too much beer, and be absolutely fine. Then, I met Rachel. Now- she’s definitely not judgmental. Not in a bad way. I’ll say that she’s just more responsible- in just about every sense of the word. She makes me want to be a better person :’) and with that, comes a healthier lifestyle. It’s also just really hard to sit and eat a whole pizza in one sitting while someone watches you curiously. Anyway, I have been pursuing the idea of going into the second quarter-century of my life with some new healthy habits, and food like this bowl definitely makes that a possibility. Grains are amazing. Packed with protein, nutrients, and all sorts of other amazing things that I have no idea about, they are healthy, and delicious. Teaming up with roasted squash, all the seeds, dried cranberries, microgreens, and a carrot ginger chia seed dressing- it’s a bowl that is dressed to impress. Throw some chimichurri steak on there, and now we’re talking. I’m going right in cold- love me some cold grains. But if you’re feeling like a hot bowl of goodies, simply pop the whole thing (minus the ramekin of chia dressing) inthe microwave for a minute or two to take the chill off. Dress everything up with the chia dressing, give it a season with some s+p, and cover it with hot sauce. Sriracha for this one. Enjoy!

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