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Sticky Ribs

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

Ribs! Of the sticky variety. First couple times, we did a dry rub. That’s my favorite, but lots of people wanted sauce. So, we did sauce. This time, we’re doing sauce, but definitely not your typical BBQ rib sauce. If you ask me, tonight’s ribs are better than eny BBQ- slathered option that you can find. They’re a bit different. The trick is in the berries. Blackberries have lots of pectin and natural sugars, making them the perfect base to build a flavorful, smoky sweet glaze from. With the addition of tamarind, tamari, organic palm sugar, and a bevy of other ingredients that I will not divulge as to not reveal our secrets, this glaze is everything you could ever wish for on your ribs. For sides, we’ve got a veggie-rich pad thai, sans egg, cause scrambled eggs don’t really reheat well. But you can totally add an egg. I’ll tell you how in a bit. Finally, a crunchy cabbage and kale salad with a vibrant lime leaf vinaigrette to finish everything off. Perfect for some hot, humid weather, tonight’s dinner provides the ultimate escape to a flavorful and carefree world. This sounds like a cheap ad for a cruise ship now. But for real. It’s just really delicious. You’ll see. Get in there!

For the ribs:

Set your oven to 425F. Place the rib pieces face up on a foil-lined sheet tray. Splash a little water on the bottom of the tray, just enough to generate a bit of steam, and cover the ribs with more aluminum foil. Bake for 5-10 minutes, until they are hot all the way through. Once they are hot, remove the top layer of foil, and set your oven to high broil. Glaze the ribs with the tamarind-blackberry glaze, and broil for 2-3 minutes, to give the ribs some caramelization and crust. Let them rest, slice into pieces, sprinkle some peanuts on top, and enjoy!

For the pad thai:

Two options here- the quick and easy way, which is to simply microwave the noodles until they are nice and hot. That’s fine, but won’t give you the best flavor. It will still be delicious, for sure- but not as good as it could be. The other way, which is a bit more intensive and requires some actual cooking, is to fry the noodles in a super hot nonstick pan. I prefer this way, because if you have an egg at home, you can scramble one right into the noodles. We omitted the egg because we all agreed that reheating scrambled eggs is kind of weird, and to be honest, the dish doesn’t need it. Although this is far from authentic pad thai, usually pad thai has eggs. So feel free to add one! To reheat in the pan, get a big nonstick pan super hot over high heat. Add just a touch of oil to coat, and drop in the noodles! Let them fry for 1-2 minutes, give them a toss, and then fry a bit longer. If you’re adding an egg, just clear some space in the pan, add a bit more oil, and crack an egg in there. Let it fry, then scramble it up and toss it into the noodles. Top everything off with generous amounts of crushed peanuts, and enjoy.   

For the salad:

Very straightforward. Place everything into a large bowl, season with salt and black pepper, and toss with the lime leaf vinaigrette. Mix it all up to coat everything evenly, give it a taste to check the seasoning, and plate it up!

That’s it! Thanks for ordering 🙂 Happy Tuesday! <3 WECO


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