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Summer Berry Salad

Reheating Summer Berry Bowl!

I need to start these reheating instructions by talking about my berry problem. I can’t seem to get enough berries. This year, for some reason, they just taste better to me than they ever have. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, I want them all. Especially strawberries. I mean, I’m literally thinking about ways in which we can utilize strawberries on the menu, just so that I can share with you my rejuvenated love for the red fruits. I really hope that you are as enthusiastic as I am about berries. Because tonight, you’ve got a whole bowl filled with lots of different types of berries. 

The novelty of using so many things ending in “berry” is great, but it’s even better that all of these things seem to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Thyme poached rye berries. Beautiful. Chewy and super flavorful, and also paaaaaacked with good nutrients and protein. A bunch of fresh berries, including gooseberries, which are popping off the vine right now (literally. They fall off when they are ripe, and it’s very hard to collect enough before they hit the ground). Goji berries. Superfoods. Sunflower seeds. Not really berries, but still tasty. Applefield farms gem lettuce? Definitely not a berry, but it’s in abundance, and this bowl welcomed the idea of a crunchy green thing. It told me. And finally, a blueberry lemon vinaigrette. Different, but delicious. To prepare this bowl, simply toss everything with the vinaigrette, and dig in. No heat! If you want, you can microwave. Not recommended. Cold is the way to go here. Mix it all up, and enjoy summer’s berry bounty!

If you got a confit duck leg:

Low and slow in the oven, with a final broil to crisp the skin. That’s the idea. Alternatively, you could just microwave the duck legs till hot, and then go right to the broiler. But that might dry them out. On a sheet tray lined with aluminum, arrange the duck legs skin side up, and pop them in the oven at 350. Bake for 5-8 minutes, till the skin is glistening and it’s starting to smell like duck! Once it’s hot through, transfer the tray to the broiler, and broil on low for 2-3 minutes, till the skin renders and crisps up nicely. Once they’re hot, pop them on top of the salad and dig in!


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