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Summer Crunch Salad

Time to reheat: 0 minutes

This is another one of the reheats that don’t require reheating, just eating.  


This lovely seasonal salad is replete with the bounty of the season straight from the fields. Applefield Farms baby kale, crunchy napa cabbage, shaved spring veggies, roasted sweet seasonal corn, blistered green beans, fried shallots + garlic, and roasted sunflower seeds. Just pop them all in a bowl and drizzle the mojo vinaigrette over them, then toss and devour!



If you got Cajun Shrimp

We love summer and these beauties are the perfect summer salad topper. Or just grab one and pop it in your mouth (ideally without the tail)—we won’t tell!  Nothing to do here either – other than enjoy them! We’ve done all the work. 





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