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Summer Meets Fall Salad

So, you’re probably wondering why the salad looks a little different.  Well, we’re experimenting on you.  In a great way.  We’ve packed your salad upside down! Crazy, right?  First time we’ve tried this.  We’ve been noticing that having all the yummy heavy stuff – dressing, vegetables, etc – on top is actually squishing all those lovely green leaves.  Thus, those beautiful greens are not as happy as they could be.  So we’re setting them free – heavy things on the bottom and the greens on top.  This is where you come in – pop a plate or flat bowl upside down on top of the container and then FLIP the whole thing so that the veggies are now on top.  (Click here for our Salad Tip-It Instructional Video !) With gusto. Boom!  Ya gotta let us know what you think!

The salad itself is amazing – summer squash has never been better. We’ve given it the usual roasty toasty treatment with maple and lime juice, on a bed of fluffy greens! What’s in the salad mix? Well, whatever the farm wanted to offer up today, with some endive, frisee, and watercress for texture and crunch. Oh, we didn’t even mention the dressing yet! It’s the best part! A honey lime vinaigrette is the salad sauce of choice this evening. It’s super simple, but very tasty. So, flip, drizzle, season with some s+p, and top with the corn and salsa! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


If you got tomato braised beef:

The idea with this was that it could be warmed up and gently mixed into the salad, using the roasted veggies to absorb some of the juices. So, to heat it up, simply warm it over medium heat in a small saucepan or pot. Once it’s hot and steamy, it’s ready. We’d recommend letting it mellow a bit before adding it to your salad, or honestly, just mixing it in cold. If it’s too hot, it might wilt and mute some of the textures and flavors in the salad. But you can figure it out. Your preference is more important than anything that we have to say, so we trust you. Whatever you do, enjoy it. That’s the only rule. <3 WECO


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