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Summer Squash Grain Bowls!

Reheating Summer Squash Grain Bowls!

Last week, I got the ultimate summer text message from Ray at Applefield farms. It was basically nothing more than a bunch of expletives surrounding the word “zucchini”. When summer squash comes in, it comes in hard, and it doesn’t stop coming for a good three weeks. He’s up to his armpits in it, and it’s our time to bail him out. Fortunately for you, and me, summer squash is delicious, and incredibly versatile. I think we’re using it every day this week, in some shape or form. Today, simply roasted and plated atop a nice poached grains salad. Super simple. There’s really nothing better than simply roasted veggies and poached grains. It’s super healthy. I’m not a nutritionalist, and I don’t claim to know more than I do about food, but I definitely know that eating this bowl is one of the healthier choices that you could make all week. Feel free to chime in and inform me of how much more you know about health foods than I do. Honestly, I could probably do a google search but I don’t want you guys thinking that I know anything about nutritional benefits. I don’t. I know that if you start with good product, treat it well, and have wholesome and sustainable eating in mind, you’re probably going to end up with a ethical and enriching dinner. So that’s just what we do!

To reheat, simply remove the ramekin of sherry vinaigrette, and microwave the bowl till it’s nice and hot. Drizzle the vinaigrette over the top, mix everything up, and enjoy! Honestly though, I wouldn’t even bother heating this up. Really. It’s much better cold. But to each their own! Enjoy 🙂

If you got braised beef ragu:

The idea with this was that it could be warmed up and gently mixed into the salad, using the roasted veggies and bread to absorb some of the juices. It’s also just a really delicious ragu. Basically will go great on anything. So, to heat it up, simply warm it over medium heat in a small saucepan or pot. Once it’s hot and steamy, it’s ready.Plate it up right on top of the roasted squash + grain bowl, and mix it all up! Enjoy 🙂


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