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Summer Tortilla Salad

Reheating Tortilla Salad!

Man. I don’t even know where to begin with this. My brain is literally melted. I’m hallucinating. I could also be dehydrated. Probably a combination of both. Either way, the cure for me is tonight’s salad. Applefield farms grows the best salad mix ever. This one is a farmer’s choice mix, which means that Ray had the liberty of throwing in whatever it is that he’s got available- making this salad mix not only super fresh, but also kind of a mystery. I mean, we know generally what is in there. It’s not like he’s putting grass, or oak leaves in or anything, but it’s always fun to inspect the leaves and say, “oh hey, there’s some baby swiss chard!” or “I had no idea that arugula could get to be that shape”. Crazy stuff. It’s the ultimate base for any salad, but for this one especially. With loads of shaved summer root veggies like carrots, turnips, and radishes, roasted corn + black beans, queso fresco, tortilla strips, and a roasted pepper vinaigrette, this salad is summer in a bowl. Top it off with some tortilla strips and a sprinkle of the cotija cheese, and you’re ready to rock. 

To dress it up, simply drizzle that dressing all over everything, and toss to combine. Season with some salt and pepper, scatter some cheese on top, and hop right in the bowl! Simple, easy, and refreshing. Enjoy 🙂

If you got carne asada:

Flank steak may be the mascot of the week, especially with this application. Nothing beats adobo marinated, slow roasted flank steak. I especially love eating these strips of tasty goodness cold, and ESPECIALLY when plated up atop a salad. There’s no absolute need to heat up this beef, unless you want it more cooked- which is fine. Either mix it right into your salad when you dress it, or pop it under the broiler for a few minutes to warm it up, and cook to your desired temperature. The choice is yours my friends. Either way you go, just know that I support you, and I am so happy that you are eating steak with your salads tonight. You rock.


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