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Sweet Chili Wings

We couldn’t resist, and obviously, you couldn’t either! We had to give you more wings. Whether you’re eating them as a snack, an app, or straight up dinner, these babies are sweet, spicy, and ready to make your day.


After a long dip in sweet chili sauce, these babies flew out of the marinade and into the oven and got all nice and roasty. And, after their final roast in your broiler, they’ll be ready to be reunited once again with their soulmate, the sweet chili sauce. And this is not your grocery-store sauce people! This is WECO home-made goodness. Let’s go!


Total prep time: 5-8 min 


What’s in your bag:



What you’ll need from home:

-If broiling: not much

-If grilling: tongs and a plate


How to Prep:

Two options!

Option 1: Broil the wings in the foil pan they came in.  Set your broiler on low/medium.  Pop off the plastic lid and pull out the sweet chili sauce.  Make sure the wings are in a single layer.  Slide them in the oven for 5-7 minutes, turning halfway, until caramelized and hot.

Option 2: Fire up the grill and pop them on the hot spot, 3-4 minutes on a side until crispy-skinned and hot throughout.

That’s it! Dinner solved, dinner served. #weareWECO


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