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Sweet Potato Bowls!

Reheating Sweet Potato Bowls!!

It’s the year of summer trends, and I’ve got my finger on the pulse! First up, those super cool sunglasses that aren’t actually sunglasses, they just have tons of thin lines where the lenses should be, that make you look like you’ve got window blinds on the front of your face. Very cool, very hip, very popular, and I’m wearing them. Next up? Pants, that turn into shorts. That’s right, with the zippers around your knees. Cold in the morning? You got pants. Hot in the afternoon? *ziiiiiiiiiiiiip* not anymore. You’re in shorts. The third part of my look? Wearing two polo shirts at the same time, of contrasting neon colors, with the collars popped. The 2006 phenomenon is back in style, people. If you know anything about fashion, you’ll hop on the train. What else? I’m cool, I know what I’m talking about. The big trend of the summer is sweet potato bowls. No, for real. Trust my fashion/lifestyle advice. This one is first to the scene, but it definitely sets a precedent. Maple roasted sweet potato and butternut squash- creamy, caramely, salty, and delicious. Supported by some quinoa, this dynamic duo is taking poolside dinners and beachfront lunches by storm. The kardashians are eating it. Someone else famous and relevant is eating it. Once they found out that it also had shaved baby summer squashes, applefield farms “spicy mix”, roasted pepitas, and our bangin’ smoked almond romesco, they were like “danm, I gotta get on this trend before it’s too late”. Luckily for you fine folks, you knew what was going on when you saw the menu, and you didn’t hesitate. I’m proud of you. As my thanks, here’s how to reheat this fantastic bowl. To reheat, i suggest that you don’t! But that’s cause I like the cool crispness of these flavors, and think they would be muted by the heat. I’d just smother everything in romesco, mix it all up, and dive in to the fashion/lifestyle game changer of 2021. However, if you prefer it hot, simply microwave the bowl for 2-3 minutes till it’s your desired temperature, apply romesco liberally, and enjoy. Prepare to be an influencer!

If you got a peach BBQ chicken breast:

This chicken breast is the *insert culturally relevant object* to your *insert other relevant culturally object that pairs with the first*. It’s going to set your bowl apart from the masses. It’s got everything you need to be cool- but most importantly. Satisfied. To reheat, broil the chicken breast on low for 5-6 minutes, till caramelized and charred on the skin side. Rest, slice into long strips, and plate up on top of your bowl. Congratulations. You now have 150k followers on instagram!


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