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Sweet Potato + Zucchini Noodle Bowl

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We are pleased to introduce a brand new adjective for all of your descriptive purposes: zoodley. To be used for that feeling that’s not quite exhaustion, not quite delirium, somewhere between blindly euphoric and just plain old high on life/lack of sleep. Basically how I am feeling 100% of the time! Zoodles are my spirit animal. Let’s take something ( a zucchini) and figure out a way to turn it into something that it entirely isn’t (a long, thin shape), and then take another commonly known thing (uhhh a noodle), and mash the two together! What do you get??? ZOODLES! I’m not upset. Frankly, however whimsical and ridiculous the zoodle is, it’s a pretty tasty vessel for lots of fun flavors. Tonight’s bowl features zoodles (duh), miso-roasted sweet potatoes, blistered snap peas, marinated tofu, and a nice salad of carrot, ginger, and scallion. Bringing all the zoodles and veggies together in perfect harmony tonight is a new iteration of one of my favorites, the roasted sesame dressing. A blend of bright vibrant juices, roasted sesame paste, and organic oils unite to bring harmony and bliss to the zoodle universe. Are you feeling like a zoodle? Not for long, once you try this bowl. For optimal enjoyment, consume cold- simply toss in a bowl with the roasted sesame dressing, season with a bit of s+p, and enjoy!

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