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Teriyaki Salmon w/ Chili Mango Glaze

Every time we give you this crazy-good wild-caught salmon, we have improved on the set, the process, and our favorite part—the glaze. Tonight, we’ve given the salmon a nice bath in a classic teriyaki marinade, slow roasted the fish till cooked to perfection, and provided you with the ultimate sweet chili mango glaze for broiling and drizzling on top. What else? We’ve got roasted potatoes with caramelized miso + fried garlic. Farmer Ray is digging his first potatoes of the season and who better to get them than you?  Miso and garlic just takes it over the top. We all win. Also broccoli + pepper slaw with yuzu dressing to round everything out. So summer, so fresh.  Very delicious dinner tonight. We can’t wait to eat, and we’re so happy that we can share with you fine folks tonight!

Get in there!


For the salmon:

If you’ve ordered salmon from us before, you know that we definitely don’t want to cook the fish too much. It’s already cooked, and unless you like it very overcooked, simply warm it through, and get some caramelization on the skin.  On a sheet tray lined with aluminum foil, arrange the salmon pieces skin side up. Pop them under the broiler on low for about 2-3 minutes, until the skin begins to blister and sizzle. Flip them over, and generally coat them with the sweet chili mango glaze. Broil for another 3-4 minutes, or until warmed through. Give them another flip, distribute the glaze onto the skin side, and give a final kiss under the broiler to caramelize the glaze on the skin, about 2 minutes more. That’s it! Easy. 

Or, microwave (not recommended). 

NOTE: EAT THE SKIN! DON’T BE A BABY! The skin has alllllll the best nutrients. It’s also delicious, and if we hear about anyone not eating the skin, we’re going to be upset. 


For the potatoes:

We would recommend just broiling the potatoes on the same tray as the salmon. It doesn’t need too much to heat them and a little carmelized miso is bliss. Give it a broil for the same time as the salmon, to lightly char and warm through. The best part is fried garlic, so do not leave any in the pan! 

You can also microwave. We won’t judge you guys. Do what you will. 


For the broccoli + pepper slaw:

Pop the slaw into a bowl and drizzle the yuzu dressing all over it.  Toss well.  Eat some with your fingers and try not to drip yuzu on your shirt.  Maybe repeat for practice.  Plate the rest next to your salmon and potatoes! That’s it! 

Enjoy 🙂 WECO <3


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