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Tofu Noodle Bowl

Happy Hump Day! Before we have an existential crisis over here, we think it’s time to talk about the roasted tofu bowl. Because if anything can pull you out of a funk, it’s a nice bowl of rice noodle salad, roasted tofu, and some good dressing. We are relying pretty heavily on this bowl to rescue us from the mid-week monotony, TBH. The good news is, we’re pretty positive that it’s going to do the trick. Why? Well, let’s dive in a little deeper here. Roasted tofu is great. A super simple glaze, and high heat for a short time. This is the foundation of flavor tonight, and as we all know from our years of construction and contracting work, a good foundation is downright necessary. Right? Roasted tofu, sesame-coated vermicelli noodles with crunchy shaved veggies and blistered green beans. It’s really hard to beat this one. But when you smother it in the yuzu vinaigrette, well, you’re just gonna have to find out for yourself. To reheat, remove the ramekin of dressing, and microwave for a minute or two to take the edge off. Drizzle the dressing all over, and dive in. However, this bowl is also fantastic cold – we might recommend skipping the microwave, and instead simply adding the dressing and going for it. The choice is yours! Enjoy!


If you got honey garlic shrimp!

Excellent move, first of all. This bowl was crying out for some honey garlic shrimp to be scattered on top. We’re going to suggest not reheating the shrimp, because I think the texture and delicate flavors of the shrimp balanced against the crunch of the vegetables and soft, but firm tofu are wonderful when eaten cold. However, if you’d like to heat them up, just scatter them on top before you microwave. The dressing goes very well with the shrimp too. It’s all good! 

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