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Tofu Rancheros

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In the vein of breakfast for dinner, we wanted to make huevos rancheros! The idea, albeit simple, presented a lot of difficulties for us from an executional standpoint. Mainly the fact that reheating eggs can be kind of weird. And everything should theoretically be hot, and consumed immediately. Walking further down the path of how do we do this, I stopped, and considered the actual egg- and its importance in the dish. Is there a way to replace it? Immediately I turned to my favorite soybean curd- silken tofu. It’s so useful in so many situations. Recently, I made a vegan mushroom soup- and to get the richness and body that butter and cream usually provide, I blended in silken tofu. It was awesome. So instead of eggs, we’ve got scrambled tofu! Brilliant. What else? Avocado. Really not super easy to prevent an avocado from oxidizing. The solution? Leave it partially in its natural packaging, and char the exposed side. This not only provides awesome roasted avocado flavor, but also creates a protective seal that prevents oxidization. To reheat, remove the avocado from the bowl- definitely don’t want a hot avocado. Take out the ramekin of cucumber pico de gallo as well. Pour the salsa verde over the rest of the bowl (beans, plantains, tofu), and microwave the whole thing for 2-3 minutes, till hot. While that warms up, dump the chips into a large bowl, and scoop the avocado into slices with a spoon. Once the hot things are hot, just dump them right on top of the chips. Not pretty, but 100% delicious. Top with the cucumber pico de gallo, and enjoy!

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