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Vegan Caesar Salad

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We generally try to steer clear of trendy food. Now that I’m saying that, I’m beginning to wonder why. Must be some of our internalized nonconformity- probably the same reason why I can’t stand top 40 music, or tik tok, or whatever else is happening on the front lines of American pop culture. It’s way cooler to be doing something unique that nobody has ever heard of. Well, tonight we sacrificed our pride and did the damn thing with the vegan caesar salad. I guess we just wanted to make something super delicious, with a set of limitations. No problem. We figured it out. Breadcrumbs/croutons are a huge part of the caesar salad. Personally, I like breadcrumbs more- I feel that croutons can be overly stale or greasy, and sometimes get in the way of a good salad. These “breadcrumbs” are made from gluten free bread, and instead of parmesan cheese, they get their cheesiness from nutritional yeast (don’t worry, also gluten free!). They are so good. The dressing was made with nutritional yeast as well, to emulate the parmesan cheese, and capers to provide the briny and sharp flavors that anchovies usually bring to the table. Roasted jackfruit is really cool- texturally similar to shredded chicken, and roasty/nutty just like the nutritional yeast. It’s a cool little salad. To prepare, simply dress everything with the vegan caesar, season with s+p, cover it with parmesan cheese + bacon, and jam it in between two slices of bread. Just kidding. That would defeat the purpose 🙂 Enjoy!

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