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Watermelon + Tomatillo + Feta Salad

There is no better time to have watermelon.  Oh.My. Goodness. Is it good right now. So we decided to build an I-can’t-stop-eating-this salad for you with it as the spotlight.  So refreshing.  And not just the traditional pink variety, but some amazing yellow as well.  We’re just having fun.  Add tomatillo, feta, spicy greens, basil, and sourdough croutons. Could it be better?  Yes it can – with a pink peppercorn vinaigrette.  Absolutely no reheating here – we’d recommend drizzling the dressing all over and then popping the croutons and feta right on top.  Fresh ground pepper – up to you.  No tossing so you can build each bite however you want.  Keeping it simple is always best. Or is it?  Maybe you prefer to toss it all together and coat everything with that awesome dressing.  It’s your salad – you do you.  Enjoy 🙂 Thanks for ordering!


If you got adobo rubbed braised pork shoulder:

Preheat your oven to 375F, which is the hardest part. Now, you just need to pop it in there and wait for it to get hot. Get the pork into an oven safe vessel, and then into the oven. Set a timer for ~10 minutes. Halfway thru the timer on the pork, stir it up to facilitate faster heating. Once it’s nice and hot, eat away! On the salad?  On the side?  

Have fun! Experiment! <3 WECO


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