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WECO Grill Kit Sides!

WECO grillin’ kits!

Congratulations, you are officially the first test subjects for our first round of WECO grill kits. Basically, we wanted to provide you with everything you needed for a kickass backyard BBQ, without any of the prep or planning- so you can kick back and enjoy your weekend, while also being able to grill up the summer creations of your dreams. 


Below, you will find instructions for heating and preparing all of the sides for your grillin’ kit party. 


The protein boxes will come complete with their own unique set of reheating instructions, along with tips from me, a grill enthusiast. Charcoal, gas, or open flame- either way, we’re all about cooking over hot heat on a summer-ish day. Hopefully, we can keep the rain at bay and enjoy this long weekend beneath sunny skies- but if not, it’s also kinda fun to grill in the rain. When life gives you lemons…! Anyway, here’s what you gotta do!


What you’ll need:

A grill! Duh. Also, a cutting board, a knife, some tongs, some side towels, three large mixing bowls, serving utensils, maybe a couple spoons, a beer or beverage of choice, some kosher or sea salt, and a pepper grinder!


For the grilled romaine:

These little heads of baby romaine are coming from Lancaster Farms in PA, a co-op of organic growers that are able to get a jump start on the season and provide the first plantings of head lettuce to the east coast. We’ve dressed them up with a fragrant and aromatic oil, so all you need to do is season them with some salt and pepper, and pop them on the grill! High, direct heat is best, and if you can, let the grill heat up for a good while before you pop the lettuce on there. We don’t necessarily want to cook the lettuce, just blacken and char the cut sides- to give some beautiful smoky grill flavor, but not turn the whole heads of lettuce to mush!


 Give them a nice char, on the cut side only, until they are blackened and slightly wilted. Don’t close the grill- we just want direct heat, applied only to the cut sides. Once they are charred and have some grill marks, pull them off onto a cutting board, and slice into strips about 1” thick. Discard the cores, and let the lettuce cool! Once cooled, place the leaves in a large mixing bowl with the shaved spring veggies, season with salt and pepper, and toss with the avocado ranch!


For the chicken wings:

There’s nothing better than organic ABF chicken wings over a hot flame. These ones have been brined, lightly smoked, then glazed with bourbon, brown sugar, honey, and molasses, and they’re ready to be kissed by the grill. They are fully cooked, but will benefit from a nice char- so don’t be afraid to get some good color on them. The brine locks in tons of moisture and flavor, and the glaze is going to facilitate some amazing caramelization when they hit the grill. 


Over medium heat, grill the wings for 3-4 minutes per side, rotating to get even caramelization and char on all surfaces. Once they’re hot and caramelized, they’re ready to go! Two options- toss, or dip. I’m a tosser, so I would pop all the wings in a large bowl, and toss with the BBQ sauce. Alternatively, you can dip- it’s your grill kit, it’s your choice! Make sure to share these 🙂 or don’t! Like I said, it’s your grill kit!


For the potato salad:

Don’t do a damn thing to this! It’s ready to go. Dressed to impress, and wholly delicious. Stir, and serve!


For the slaw:

We’ve taken the liberty of salting the slaw for you, which is one of the most essential parts of a good slaw. Simply dressing cabbage doesn’t do it- it’s gotta be wilted and juicy for the ultimate slaw flavor. Toss this in a mixing bowl, and dress it up with the paprika aioli. Give a few cracks of black pepper, and serve it up!

That’s all for the sides. Y’all ready for some meat and fixin’s???

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