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WECO Wings

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I’ve been waiting for the right time to put these wings back on the menu. After an awesome call with one of the reps over at Joyce Farms, I decided the time has come. I was reminded of why I love that company, and I decided to do whatever I could to share their energy, passion, and perfectionism with all y’all. There’s been a lot of meat shaming going around- from Epicurious cancelling beef recipes, to fear and misinformation campaigns around animal husbandry. Animals are not the problem. The methods used to raise them can contribute to the problem, but it’s ultimately so much bigger than that. It comes down to soil health, and the importance of regenerative farming procedures/ crop rotation. Joyce is one of the only large scale ranchers that focus on preserving permaculture in the soil, while giving animals the best lives that they could possibly lead. The result: a low impact, incredibly delicious, sustainable and ethical product. And in this case, chicken wings. After a bath in some organic gluten free soy sauce (and other secret ingredients), a nice quick roast, a broil on your end, and a dunk in the classic mae ploy sweet chili sauce, these wings don’t just taste great, but you can feel really good about their story, and where they came from. And that’s even better than the flavor, if you ask me. To reheat, set your oven to high broil. On a sheet tray lined with tinfoil, spread out the wings in an even layer. Broil till crispy and hot, and dunk in that sauce. Enjoy! <3 WECO

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