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WECO Wings


Wings so nice, we’re running them twice! In a row, that is. Last week, the box office shuddered with the impact left from Star Wings: A New Hope, as the WECO wings made a comeback appearance, taking over everyone’s hearts and minds. This week, we’re seeing Star Wings: the Wing-pire Strikes Back, as word of the wings has spread to beyond the immediate inner circle of WECO ride-or-die fans. Haters will say it’s mainstream, but everyone knows it’s just good. Keep you eyes out- though. We’ve heard rumors that next week will bring the final piece of the trilogy: Star Wings: Return of the…. Uhh… Wing-Jedi. I agree, they probably could have gotten a little more creative with the name. Maybe I’ll fix it tomorrow… Anyway, we got Joyce Farms on the table tonight, kids. And it’s in the best way possible. Chicken shortage? Maybe for commodity, mass-produced birds. Joyce farms is still going strong, raising the happiest, healthiest and most delicious chickens around- no matter what the chicken market looks like! These ones are treated right, with love and respect, and the proof is in the flavors!  To reheat, set your oven to high broil. On a sheet tray lined with tinfoil, spread out the wings in an even layer. Broil till crispy and hot, and dunk in that sauce. Enjoy! <3 WECO

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