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Wild Rice + Veggie Bowl

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Spring is coming! With the turning of the chilly tides, we prepare to welcome… uhhh… some more chilly weather, but maybe with more rain than snow, and with the occasional brilliantly beautiful day to make us all wish that we weren’t working and instead were out frolicking around in the springtime sunshine. Why is it that all the nice days seem to fall during the week… We’ll never know. Aaaaaaanyways… Spring. It’s coming. That means a lot of things. Spring cleaning, growth, rejuvenation, a chance to embrace a new hobby or habit, and emerge from the hibernation of winter feeling refreshed and renewed. Tonight’s bowl is basically that on a plate. A good mix of the hearty and wholesome winter flavors and textures, with some glimpses into the beauty of nature in the spring. Bright, bitter, earthy, and fresh. I love it. Two options here (as usual with the bowls)- hot or cold. Most of you already know- I’m going right in cold. I don’t even bother heating up something like this- cause it’s so good I want it NOW. You can be like me, or you can be civilized and actually warm your food. If you choose dignity over animalism, all you gotta do is remove the container of caper salsa verde and pop the bowl in the microwave till it’s hot. The salsa verde is a dolloping situation, intended to be mixed in to everything. Try some hot sauce too! For this, I’d go for TRUFF- it’s amazing, if you haven’t tried it, I recommend getting some. NOTE: organic olive oil solidifies occasionally when cold! If your salsa verde is solid, simply give it a nice warm water bath until it loosens up a bit 🙂 Enjoy!

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