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Winter BBQ, Big Ass Salad


Reheating time: 7-10 minutes

Ah, the nostalgia of BBQ… Makes me remember simpler times, back in June, prepping BBQ for a billion people in the middle of a global lockdown… good stuff. Hey, whatever it took to make y’all happy, we did. And apparently, you loved BBQ so much that you even want it in the winter. Who says it has to be a seasonal thing? Winter is the best time for cabbage and sweet potatoes- those cold storage items that were harvested in the fall have had time to tenderize and sweeten up as they age, making them even better for these applications. And cider braised pork has a home not only deep in my heart, but in any season. Especially when it’s smothered in WECO bourbon BBQ sauce… that stuff never gets old. Cream cheese cornbread, bacon mac + cheese, WECO slaw… it’s all here, even if it’s cold outside. Ready to warm up with a WECO winter BBQ feast? I sure am. Save a bit for me, will ya? Get in there!

For the pork, mac and cheese, + sweet potatoes:

Guess what? This part is so easy. All these things are supposed to be enjoyed together, so just pop them in a blender, and let it run for about 5 minutes. Then, grab a straw and drink up! No but seriously, don’t do that. I mean unless that’s what you’re into- I won’t judge. What you do with WECO dinners in the privacy of your kitchen is absolutely none of my business. As long as you enjoy it, I’m cool. 

To reheat (jeez, get on with it…), simply arrange the pork, mac and cheese, and sweet potatoes in a large casserole dish or sheet tray, and set your oven to 375F. Top the mac and cheese off with some of that garlic panko, and pop the whole thing in the oven! Now the hard part- waiting. I recommend grabbing a bib to catch all the drool that is going to accumulate as your kitchen fills with the wonderful smells of BBQ. Trust me, I’ve learned from experience here. Check after 5-7 minutes, should be nice and hot in there- feel free to give it a stir if you’re impatient. Once everything is roasty toasty, pull the tray out, and go crazy. Skip the plate, just crowd around the pan like wild animals- it makes it taste even better 🙂

For the slaw:

Commonly cast aside as an afterthought, slaw is the most underrated part of any BBQ dinner. Ours has just the right balance between acidity and fat- nobody wants a bowl of mayo with a little bit of cabbage and carrot in there… gross. Balance! Key. This slaw is ready to go, so just keep it cold until you’re ready to dig on in. Goes real nice on a pulled pork/cornbread sandwich..!

For the cornbread:

Cast iron pan. Butter. Griddle till hot. Trust me. That is all. 

To plate!

If you have made it this far without absolutely demolishing everything, I’m proud of you. Your reward? A plate of bad-ass BBQ. Five perfect components, one delicious plate. The rest is up to you. Enjoy 🙂


Thanks for ordering!

This salad was conceptualized by my wonderful wife and co-menu designer, Rachel. The one and only. It started when people were fiending for our salads and dressings- and I can’t blame you. We know what’s up when it comes to leaves. The right mix of leaves, the right components, the right dressing, it’s a beautiful thing when it all comes together. This one was named after Elaine from Seinfeld, because of that episode when she is freaking out about restaurants not having big salads… She just wanted to go somewhere that has a big salad. I mean, come on, give the girl what she wants! We said, well, that’s a good idea. Everyone should be able to get a big salad. Ours is a lovely blend of watercress, arugula, endive, and baby kale, topped off with roasted chicken, shaved fennel and radish, toasted pepitas, dried cranberries, and goat cheese. The carrot-ginger-chia dressing is just the right amount of acidic and sweet, balancing everything out in a wonderful way. To prepare, toss everything in a bowl, and pour over the carrot-ginger-chia dressing. Give it a toss to incorporate, season with some salt and pepper, and dive into a satisfying bowl of leaves. Enjoy 🙂



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