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Winter BBQ

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes- preheat oven to 375F

We’re almost there, y’all. Almost done with the winter. Last week gave us a glimpse into the world of sunny, 60-something days, and while it was sweet while it lasted, this week we have been plunged back into March’s chilly grasp. Nothing to warm you up like a fat plate of BBQ, though. This is probably the last time you will see the winter BBQ on the menu. Partially because we are getting pretty bored with it- part of the fun at WECO is getting to make something new every day. Also, with seasonal changes in the weather come changes in the menu. We are officially accepting applications for “spring BBQ” menus! To apply, send your favorite fresh spring BBQ staples my way ([email protected]), and I will field all responses at my earliest convenience. I don’t really know if Spring BBQ is a thing- but this should be fun. I love how engaged y’all can be. Makes us all feel so special 🙂

Anyway, onto the important stuff. This dinner is unreal. Get in there!

For the pork, mac and cheese, + sweet potatoes:

This is like, the best part. All these things can be reheated in the oven! They all take roughly the same amount of time- so you can even do them all in the same pan. Madness. Arrange the components on a large sheet tray or casserole dish, and pop them in the oven at 375F. Don’t forget to top off the mac + cheese with that garlicky panko. Set a timer for 10 minutes, and tell someone to set the table. That was always my favorite part growing up- if someone was asking me to set the table, it means dinner was on the way. 

Once the timer goes off, pull out the tray and stir everything up! Make sure it’s hot, and if not, back in the oven it goes. Once it’s ready to go, well, we’re ready to go. Dress up the slaw, griddle up that cornbread- it’s go time. 

For the slaw:

This… slaw… is unreal… You’ll see. Dress it up with the aji panka vinaigrette, and enjoy. 

For the cornbread:

Cast iron pan. Butter. Griddle till hot. Trust me. That is all. 

To plate!

If you have made it this far without absolutely demolishing everything, I’m proud of you. Your reward? A plate of bad-ass BBQ. Five perfect components, one delicious plate. The rest is up to you. Enjoy 🙂

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