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X-Cut Short Ribs

Reheating time: 10-15 minutes

Happy Friday, folks! The day that marks the end of your workweek indicates a new start in the WECO machine as we head into our weekend- new menu items to plan, ingredients to source, all the pieces sliding into place. We couldn’t do it without you guys 🙂 I am always so excited waking up on Friday mornings and seeing all the orders! Makes us feel so loved! Tonight’s dinner is a little bit of us returning the favor. Lots of love in this one. As the spring weather gets better and better, I’m beginning to contemplate grilling… are you? Tonight’s dinner would kick ass on the grill. A quick kiss over the flames, and some bomb sauces to slather everything with- name a better Friday night activity than WECO on the grill- I’ll wait. Cross cut short ribs, charred broccoli, roasted potatoes, and brown rice are our vessels tonight- for a very fun umeboshi (salted plum) and guajillo steak sauce, paprika mayo, and green pea curry. Mix and match, try them all on for size, and if you’re feeling it, fire up that grill! Get in there!

For the short ribs:

As I said, I’ve got grilling fever. We saw someone heating up Wednesday’s skirt steak and all the sides on the grill, and we were like, wow, game changer. If you got a grill, and you got the fever, fire that puppy up and prepare for flavor. Everything can be grilled- with the exception of the rice, which would probably do just fine in the microwave. For the short ribs, give them a quick sear on either side- doesn’t take long! Once they’re hot, lather them up with the salted plum + guajillo steak sauce. If you’re staying inside because of allergies (I feel for you!), just give these short ribs a quick broil for 2-3 minutes per side, till hot! 

For the broccoli:

Grill. This. We’ve roasted it to perfection- and you can take the final step on the grill, giving it some char and texture over high heat. Get some marks on it, char the florets, and smother it with the green pea curry. If you’re not grilling, give it a broil with the short ribs, to activate the char and heat it through. About 3-4 minutes, maybe with a flip halfway. Proceed with the curry!

For the purple potatoes:

Do not be afraid of the char! Smoky, charred potatoes are incredibly underrated. Pop them on the grill, and leave them be. They will stick, and burn, but that’s fine! Alternatively, wrap them in some aluminum foil and leave them on the low heat to steam out. Once they’re hot, give them a toss or a dunk in the paprika mayo. If you’re not grilling, broil these potatoes with the broccoli until blistered and hot (about 4-5 minutes total), or pop them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.

Either way, don’t skip the mayo. Trust me. Potatoes + mayo = bliss. 

For the brown rice:

My go-to is a light fry up in a nonstick pan, to toast and bloom the flavors. I’d put the pan right on the grill! Alternatively, the microwave works well- if microwaving, add a scant splash of water to help re-steam the rice when reheating. 2-3mins.

That’s it!

I say it a lot- but this is one of my favorites yet. We hope you share the sentiment!

Thanks for ordering, we’ll see you next week 🙂 #weareweco #dinnersolved

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