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Some call kids picky...we
just call them foodies-

Turn dinner into a taste test! Register to access
our special Taste Test just for kids, taking place

Participation in events is FREE when you purchase a kid’s meal.

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What is WECO?

WECO solves dinner with chef-prepared, daily dinner deliveries. And to us, that means putting things on the menu that your kids will like, too. Enter weeCO (our kids meals).

Every weekday we serve a main dish, a vegetarian bowl, and a Kids Meal, and we’re aiming to know exactly what kids want to eat. Full bellies, happy parents, ya know? So we’re having a weeCO taste test.


What to expect with the weeCO taste test event?

Kids Get to Be Critics

  • IconEach kids meal during the week of 9/27 comes bundled
    as 2 in one! You can order one night or all five.
  • IconKids vote via mail. We provide a pre-stamped
    postcard with dinner for each night they order.
  • IconWe'll count their votes and add the most popular
    dinners into our weeCO meals rotation.
  • IconOh, and they'll be special dinner time surprises in
    every weeCO order all week!

A Virtual Kids Cooking Class

Get your kids into the kitchen to take a virtual “cooking” class with WECO’s Chef Sophie. She’ll share how to make the most epic ice cream sundae, and your kids can say hi to fellow weeCO’ers, too!

Want In? Here's How to Participate

  • IconSign-up to receive our menu.
  • IconOn 9/23, order one or more weeCO meals for the
    week of 9/27.
  • IconJoin in on the taste test, cooking class, and other
    surprises that week.
  • IconParents, we gotchu covered too! Enjoy WECO
    family-style meals while the kids have their fun.
  • IconWe bill you just for the ingredient costs (~$5-7
    for kids meals, ~$7-$12 for adult meals)
  • IconYou fill in what the grand total should be -- we
    trust you to contribute what you think is fair for
    overhead, labor and love!

Space is limited. Sign-up now!

A Little More About

WECO makes putting dinner on the table easier with chef-prepared, daily dinner deliveries. Using locally sourced ethical and sustainably raised ingredients! We plan and cook, you just reheat and enjoy dinner with your family.

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