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Leftover Mexican Fried Rice

If you have leftovers from last night, try this for dinner tonight (or for breakfast to cure your Cinco de Mayo hangover)! So easy, so quick, so delicious, and you don’t need much more than whatcha got with taco Tuesday! Recipe below!

WECO MAKES: Leftover Mexican Fried Rice

-Oil your rice, just enough to moisten it
-Heat your pan over high heat, add enough oil just to coat the pan, no puddles
-When the pan starts to smoke, add your rice. Flatten it out and let sit for a minute. Crackling is ????????
-Toss (this is an opportunity to show off your #chefswag) or stir a few times. -Push rice aside, add your beef with some butter or oil. Stir around and let it caramelize
-Add beans and sweat them out. Mix until your happy with overall consistency
-Add fresh herbs (cilantro, basil, scallions, etc), stir, remove from heat and add a little more
-Season to taste, and top with salsa verse, some pickled onions, and lime juice!
-Eat it
-Retire to the couch and blissfully enter a food coma

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