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Presto, pesto! It’s a pasta party!

Oh helloooo, Fam! The dog days of summer are here in full swing… and we’ve got quick, easy, beat-the-heat dinners next week that’ll keep you cool and fueled 😎 We should mention there’s oodles of gluten-free options too: Peep our hot coal chicken, corn risotto, shrimp wraps and more!   

Pasta, but without the gluten?! And with all the spectacular pasta vibes?! It’s a dream come true, and it’s our gluten-free pesto pasta kit! Thanks to our friends at Deano’s, this fresh pasta is made with rice flour + whole eggs, and we’ve paired it with our homemade basil + arugula pesto. There’s even fresh corn involved, which means this dish is the epitome of summer… and our GF Fam members can enjoy it, too 🙂 

Our *new* burrito features ‘40 Shades of Green Chilli’ hot sauce from local partner Craic Sauce!! Based in Lowell, MA, these handcrafted, small-batch hot sauces are made using fresh ingredients from nearby farms– which we love, obvs. 

New dish alert! Don’t sweat over dinner when you’ve got these babies… Bibb lettuce serves as the vehicle for your citrus-glazed chili shrimp, which you’ll load up with kaffir lime vermicelli noodles, coconut curry peanut sauce, and any other topping your heart desires. 

Wednesdays are for corn-sotto, we don’t make the rules. And no, it does not involve standing at your stove and stirring for hours! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you—just combine, stir, and CHOW. Add lemon + herb marinated lump crab for some protein, too 😉

Some of our dishes have quite the fan base, and that includes this stunner! You’d never guess this salad is free of gluten AND dairy, because it tastes like total indulgence. You’ll never want any other Caesar salad again… especially when you try our Brussels Caesar with herb roasted salmon on top!

Eat your veggies in the AM, so you can have dessert for dinner… that’s how it works, right? JK, we just can’t get over how perfect these NEW grab n’ go frittatas are, especially when you don’t want to turn your oven on! The micro works great for these, and you might call us crazy, but we love ‘em cold, too. 

We’re going coco-NUTS for dessert next week 😉 Meet our new vanilla coconut cheesecakes, courtesy of Chef Emily! Or should we call her, magical-pastry-goddess-Emily? 

All the love,



If you’ve made it this far without hitting an order button, we applaud you! But really, these babies are gonna go fast, so get to it :).

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