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It’s giving SPRING

Spring is almost here again (hi, spring!) and so is chimi chicken! You know what that means, it’s time to do the chimi shimmy for next week’s Cheap-o of the Week-o, chimichurri chicken + roasted potatoes, on the menu all week long! In case you haven’t heard, the chimi shimmy is a very complicated dance move involving a tasty herb sauce and shaking your hips… which we’ll be doing as we devour that ~dairy free, gluten free~ chimichurri marinated chicken + roasted potatoes. 

Speaking of the chimi shimmy, have you heard of the tagliatelle tango? OK, OK, we’ll stop there, this is getting a little out of hand… Anyways, we’ve got a new dish on the menu next Monday, so meet our lemon pepper tagliatelle! Holy moly, this goodness is the perfect way to celebrate the first day of spring. Let’s just say the test kitchen was BUZZIN when Chef Matt said, “Hey, does anyone wanna try this new pasta?”. It’s a combination of Deano’s fresh lemon pepper tagliatelle, mint yogurt sauce, spring peas + asparagus, aleppo pine nut oil, crumbled feta cheese, and a side of greens because we love ‘em. There’s also an option to add on herb roasted salmon, too!

The hits keep coming, because our Monday bowl is brand new as well! Everyone say, “hi, new bibimbap bowl!” This bowl is inspired by the Korean mixed rice dish called bibimbap, (bee-buhm-baap) and ours is loaded with soy + sesame marinated beef, sesame spinach, carrots, bean sprouts and even more veggies. Add your gochujang (a spicy, fermented chili paste) and kimchi on top and mix it up! It makes a wonderfully balanced lunch or dinner, but if you’re feeling like adding a fried egg on top and calling it brekkie, you do you. 

The light, bright, dynamite world kicks off Monday through Wednesday with our lamb kofta + tabouleh, which is a favorite of Fam member Shane F.! Last time he shared, “Wow, the lamb kofta was wonderful! So nicely spiced and a good amount of fresh parsley in the tabouleh. Delicious!” Shane, we’re on the same page, we love that herby bulgur tabouleh 🙂 

The Thursday + Friday LBD finale is our salmon + torched avocado— underneath all that perfectly charred flavor is even MORE flavor, if you can believe it. (We can believe it!) The salmon is coated in a teriyaki sauce and paired with a fresh and crunchy apple + daikon slaw and a bed of sushi rice. Best part? It’s gluten free!

When you finally reach hump day and the weekend feels farther away than ever, you’ll be sooooo glad you snagged some hot coal chicken on Wednesday night! Each order comes with a statler chicken breast (a boneless chicken breast with a bone-in drumette attached!). We marinate the chicken in some harissa and coal charr it for a smoky effect. Serve it up with avocado aioli, bamboo sticky rice, a shaved cucumber + pickled veggie salad and viola! A Wednesday evening masterpiece. 

And then? A gyro comes along… we’ll spare you our tone-deaf voice but you know the rest. Steak gyros are on the menu Thursday, can we get a heck yes!? Let the celebratory dancing commence. There’s something about that shaved sirloin steak, coupled with peppers, onions + smoked garlic, tzatziki, baba ganoush and a bit of cucumber + tomato salad, all loaded on a fabulous flatbread.

Speaking of fabulous, Friday is exactly that! Partially because it’s Friday, the best day of the week, and also partially because kalua pork is on the menu. This dish is a favorite of WECO team member Josh, who used to live in Hawaii and loves a good ol’ mac (macaroni) salad. Ours is packed with carrots, celery, red onion, fresh herbs and some mayo-dijon action, which makes a killer side to the main event, the slow cooked pork that gets covered in smoky pineapple BBQ sauce! 

If you’re looking for more of a crunch, we’re also serving our herb roasted shrimp + Greek salad + pita on Friday, which is definitely a goddess salad amongst mortal salads, if you know what we mean. With flavors from cherry tomatoes, red onion, Kalamata olives, bell peppers and feta cheese, you might even forget there’s tasty shrimp AND pita bread too!

Oh, and all week long? We’ve got burrata + avocado toast on the menu, with the option to add on lemon + herb marinated lump crab! Peep the photo below, it’s got crab added on top to make that toast (piquillo pepper) jam-packed! We love versatile eats, perfect for any time of day, to share, or not to share. While this makes an awesome shareable appetizer, (slice your toast into pieces) it’s also an elevated breakfast, a light lunch or even dinner. Do whatever you want with your WECO eats, that’s the best part about ‘em!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, you can wash it all down with a WECO mojito, because it’s gonna be spring, Fam! Fresh mint + zingy lime make this oh so refreshing, we seriously couldn’t think of a better beverage to sip on than this. 

And on that note, ~that’s a wrap~ for this menu drop! What’s calling your name? Tacos? Toast? Taglia-telle us what you’re in the mood for 😉

All the love,



If you’ve made it this far without hitting a request button, we applaud you! But really, these babies are gonna go fast, so get to it :).

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