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Mother’s Day Brunch by WECO!

Here it is! Find the form below to fill out your orders for Mother’s Day Brunch kits

Here is the link to the form

A few things you should know before ordering:

  • Kits will be available for pickup ONLY at Woods Hill Table between 12-2pm on Saturday, so that you have them ready to go for Sunday morning.
  • These kits are prepared with care, to be heated up and cooked in your own home! Nothing beats the love coming from a home cooked breakfast for Mom.
  • We will be sending out a little informational video on how to assemble and prepare your Mother’s Day Brunch! If you are confirmed for your order, you will receive the video along with step by step written instructions. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!
  • We are not accepting substitutions or alterations of any kind for these kits. What you see is what you get!
  • Coffee is an additional charge, and your total price will be written on the card included with your kit, which will also have written instructions!

Thanks again! Looking forward to serving our WECO Moms tasty eats! As always, stay safe and spread love!

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