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All you need to know about WECO

Getting Started

  • WECO cooks fully prepared, epically delicious meals and delivers them daily before dinnertime. We strive to bring joy back to the dinner table.

    WECO is NOT a meal kit (no chopping necessary), it’s not take out (much more interesting and nutritious), and it’s not cooking (just a few prep steps and you’re golden).

  • Drop your email and zip on our website! We’ll send you new menus every Wednesday at 4:00pm. In the meantime, you can order anytime on our current menu. We’re excited to cook for you!

Ordering and eating WECO

  • Nope! This is a community, not a subscription. Just order the meals you want, and we'll cook and deliver them. All you have to do is enjoy a stress-free, delicious dinner.

  • We take allergens and food preferences super seriously—every time we release a menu, we include an allergy key and a complete ingredient list for each meal so you can make informed requests for the week. Because of the way our kitchens are set up, there is a small chance of cross contamination with major allergens.

  • WECO meals are prepared fresh each day, so they last several days in the refrigerator. Some items can even be frozen for later. Enjoy!

  • Some items feed 1, others feed 2! If it’s something that serves more than 1, it will be noted on the menu.

  • Just email us at! We’re happy to make adjustments as long as we hear from you by 12:00pm two days before dinner (so, for instance, by Saturday at 12:00pm for Monday’s dinner).


  • We deliver daily throughout the Northeast! Check out our delivery zone here. If we aren't currently delivering to your area, please still drop your email and zip so we can let you know as soon as we're there.

  • Delivery is a $6 flat fee for each day of delivery.

  • We deliver from 7:30am-6:00pm daily. You'll receive a text the evening before with our estimated time of arrival so you can plan accordingly!

  • No worries! If you won't be home for your delivery, just leave a cooler for us to place your order in and it will stay there safely 'til you arrive home. Please leave a note with your order to let us know where to look for it!

    Dinners are delivered chilled, but as a way to reduce waste, we do not deliver your dinner with cooler packs. Please leave some in your cooler bag.

  • Nope! Our drivers are paid fairly and sustainably by us, so they do not rely on tips! Thanks for asking, we love them too! 🙂


  • Yes! Each WECO meal is cooked by our chefs in a WECO kitchen. You simply heat and plate at home in about 10 minutes or less.

  • Just the normal items you'd find in a typical kitchen – most meals can be heated in an oven or microwave or on a stovetop.


  • We do! It would be an honor to cook for your friends and families. You can purchase a gift card here on our website. An automated code will be sent to your gift-ee, and when they'd like to order, they can apply the gift card on the payment page on their first WECO night.

  • Place an order on your account as if you're them, using their name and address when you reach the contact information section of the dinner form. You can choose to leave your mobile number for text ETAs, or leave theirs so they directly receive that info.

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