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Free Kids' Food or Dessert for Life

Dinner's Ready!

Feel-Good Dinners Ready in Minutes.

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No cooking

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No cleaning

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No shopping

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Heat and eat

Forget cooking, cleaning, prepping, and shopping. Just heat and eat!

Preview the Goods

We make tasty eats like these all week long.

Delivering more than just meals

WECO becomes a beloved part of family stories and mealtime joy.

Dinner ready in just 10 minutes

See how WECO will work for you and your loved ones.

Pick the number of meals you need for the week, and we’ll recommend a plan. The bigger your order, the less you pay per meal.

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Pick your weekly delivery day. We’ll cook, pack, and overnight your order. Meals last for several days. Skip, pause, or cancel anytime.

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Enjoy no prep, cooking, or cleaning! You can heat most meals in 10 minutes or less. Stock your fridge and enjoy all week.

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WECO-lovers are less stressed - no, really!

Take the stress out of deciding what to cook for dinner and get back to enjoying dinner time.

So much less stressed

After a long day at work, then kids' soccer practice, it was so amazing to come home to a delicious, home cooked, and healthy meal. I was so much less stressed all day knowing that dinner was taken care of.

I'm so grateful

WECO has provided nourishing, comforting meals while I was pregnant, breastfeeding, and now for my 8 month old baby! She had her first direct taste of WECO last night with the market chicken meal and was a HUGE fan. I’m so grateful to have delicious, convenient food.

My act of self-care

Ordering WECO is my act of self-care. As a busy professional and parent, getting dinner on the table was really stressing me out. Weco to the rescue! Knowing I will have a meal or two during the week takes a tremendous weight off my shoulders. And it's delicious!

Taste the difference

Why WECO wins: Fresh, ready-to-eat, and loved by all!

Various healthy dishes spread out on a wooden table.


Made Fresh daily by chefs

Heat and eat!

No meal order minimums

Lots of relaxing

Meal Kit

Sitting around in boxes

Takes an hour

6+ meals required

Lots of cleaning

A group of smiling chefs and catering staff standing in front of their green catering van.

Nourishing you. Nurturing the planet.

Supporting Local Farmers
We are not about ingredients that are shipped long distances only to sit frozen in a warehouse.

Donating Delicious Dinners
To local families in need, hunger relief organizations and schools.

Goodbye Food Waste
WECO operates at close-to-zero food waste.

Packing with the Planet in Mind
All our food packaging is recyclable; much of it is also compostable.


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