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Ready-to-Eat Meals for Seniors

WECO prepared meal delivery for seniors: Delicious dinners for seniors who love food, but no longer love cooking.

WECO's meals for seniors are effortless to open, packed with nutrients, and ready to eat.

Home meal delivery for seniors.
Like homemade, but without the work.

Delicious Easy Meals

Gourmet meals for seniors that are easy to open, simple to heat, and ready to enjoy in under 10 minutes.

Nutritious Senior Meals, Delivered

Balanced nutrition and healthy portions packed with flavor and variety that independent seniors love.

No Prep, Easy Meals for Seniors

Skip straight to a great meal – no shopping, chopping, cooking, or clean up. Just heat and eat.

Family enjoying breakfast on a porch surrounded by trees.

Introducing WECO’s meal delivery service for seniors

This is a great solution for people who love and value good food but who don’t want to spend as much time in the kitchen or who can’t cook anymore. WECO chefs design elevated, nutrient-dense meals and we deliver them to seniors who are aging in place or in a senior-living community.

Our meals are perfect for elderly people who may have difficulty getting out to shop or older people who want to enjoy nutrient-dense, wholesome meals without the work and dress.

Need to Beef Up Your Meal Repertoire? WECO Meal Delivery for Seniors Offers Variety

Cooking the same meals repeatedly can get tiresome. Our senior meal delivery service brings variety back to your table! It's a fantastic way to try new flavors and culinary experiences.

 Our diverse meal offerings for seniors ensure you'll find fresh takes on classic dishes and explore global cuisines. Not as adventurous? We offer plenty of old favorites too.

Roasted chicken with kale salad, sweet potatoes, and biscuits on a white rectangular plate.
Elderly couple holding a baby and toddler outdoors, smiling and interacting.

Need Meals for a Senior You Love?

​​Even if you live far away, you can still support those who once cared for you. Many family caregivers send WECO to their aging or elderly parents, ensuring they receive the variety and nutrition they need without the work of shopping or cooking.

Seniors enjoy the ease and convenience of having fresh ready-to-eat meals delivered, making dinnertime (and breakfast, lunch, and snacks) easier and delightful.

How to get started

WECO provides nutrient-dense, fully-prepared meals for seniors that are delicious and easy to get on the table.

Choose which delicious meals you would like delivered to your door.

Colorful plate of pasta, chicken, grilled vegetables, chickpeas, and sauce, with herbs scattered on the table.

We cook and deliver your fully-prepared meals on the days you choose.

Group of chefs smiling in front of a green catering van.

Heat meals in 10 minutes or less. Stock your fridge and enjoy all week

Person holding a bowl of pasta with a large bread roll.

What's for dinner?

WECO makes homemade (but better) dishes like these every day, with variety and nutrition for everyone. With our home-delivered meals designed specifically for seniors, you can enjoy delicious dinners without the work.

WECO's Meal Delivery For Seniors Supports Independence with Easy, Worry-Free Meal Options

Four Years, Four Million Meals Served. Four million dinners enjoyed!


A confession here... I'm a seventy-one-year-old living alone. What I saw in the kid's menu read as "Seniors early bird special." I ordered three dinners; in each case, my choices yielded a core meal easy to build around. 

Dinnertime was easy to bake!

We are seniors....86 and 90 and have been purchasing your meals from the beginning! Dinner was easy to bake in the amount of time indicated, warm enough, and I did enjoy it.

Love having an easy dinner! 

As a retired empty nester, I love having a dinner that is so easy and delicious. This would have taken a long time to prepare and don’t want to spend a lot of time now in the kitchen at my age. Did that for enough years!

Nourishing you. Nurturing the planet.

Supporting Local Farmers
We are so not about industrial ingredients that are shipped long distances only to sit frozen in a warehouse. No, thanks!

Donating Delicious Dinners
To local families in need, hunger relief organizations and schools.

Goodbye Food Waste
Did you know up to 40% of food produced in the US is wasted each year? WECO operates at close-to-zero food waste.

Packing with the Planet in Mind
We're committed to Earth-friendly packaging, constantly improving recyclability and compostability.


A group of smiling chefs and catering staff standing in front of their green catering van.

Dishing out the answers to your questions about our Meal Delivery Service for Seniors