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  • Chicken & Roasted Corn Pot Pie for Two
  • Mains

Chicken & Roasted Corn Pot Pie for Two

$4.98 | Serves 2 $2.49 per Serving

Y'all loved our rich, creamy chicken & roasted corn chowder so much, we reimagined it as a filling for pot pie!
Featuring tender shredded chicken breast and roasted veggies (potato, red pepper, corn) seasoned with a bold blend of southwestern spices.
We send you the tin to bake it in, all you need to do is pour in your filling, pop it in the oven, then finish by topping with your crust (aka flaky, buttery puff pastry squares). A mixed greens salad & citrus vinaigrette is served on the side.
This set-it-and-forget-it meal comes together in just 25 minutes and is designed for sharing, but if you want to keep it all for yourself for next-day leftovers we wouldn't blame you ;) Or, if you want to stock up, freezing the filling and biscuits for Future You is also an option!
Serves 2


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Black Peppercorn, Butter, Canola Oil, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Chicken Breast (Random), Chicken Demi, Coriander Ground, Cumin, Dijon, Dried Oregano, Flour (AP), Frozen Corn, Garlic, Heavy Cream, Honey, Lemon Juice, Lemon Zest Puree, Lime Juice, Maldon Salt, Mesclun Mix, Olive Oil, Orange Zest Puree, Puff Pastry, Red Pepper (Dice 1/4), Salt, Shallots, Smoked Paprika, Spanish Onion, Water, Yukon Potato