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Shrimps and noods, noods and shrimps.

On the menu for Tuesday: shrimp and arugula salad with cherry tomatoes, shaved fennel and radish with basil ginger dressing. Chilled soba noodles with fried chili-garlic. Salt baked beets with yuzu pickled cucumbers.

Tuesday’s menu:

I realized today we haven’t really done a “salad” for dinner, like ever. Considering that basically all Rachel eats is salads, “that’s not true! I eat mozzarella sticks, and pancakes, and burritos, and BLT subs…”, it’s surprising I haven’t put one on the menu. Well, Applefield has some amazing arugula coming in, and it’s probably going to be one of the last harvests of the season. We decided to pair it with some poached shrimp, shaved veggies, and a fresh vinaigrette. Rachel is gonna freak out. In a good way. I probably will too. Happens at least once a day.

The soba decision came because, well, the meal needs a starch, and we love soba. To be honest you could probably just mix the salad with the soba noodles and make a pretty bomb soba bowl, but you do you. Just don’t sleep on the fried chili garlic.

Beets are IN! We did some prepared in this style last week for that wedding, and I can’t get them off my mind. Gotta show you all what I’m talking about. Pickles and beets sound weird, but I promise it works so well. Plus, it turns the pickles pink, which is cool. Pink pickles. Cool. Order Tuesday.

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