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We’re here to cook up some of your favorite Thanksgiving sides + sweets so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Pop your WECO in the fridge Wednesday, and reheat in time for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. Less hassle for you, more deliciousness in the form of both food and family time.

Oh, prices are all-inclusive and you don’t need to add anything extra. 🙂

Scroll down to see what we’ve got on the menu and select pickup or delivery below to request your Thanksgiving sides on Wednesday, November 24th!

The Sides

(prices are all inclusive, no need to add extra!)

Sweet Potato Mash ($25, serves 4) |
The perfect blend of sweet, savory and buttery to please just about everyone. 

Mashed Potatoes ($25, serves 4)
Golden potatoes, golden taste! Plus garlic + rosemary cream and chives.

Mac + Cheese  ($25, serves 4) |
Give peas (and mac, cheese + ham) a chance.

Fennel + Sausage Stuffing ($25, serves 4)
The stuffing recipe you’ll be talking about until next Thanksgiving.

Brussels Sprouts ($25, serves 4)
Brussels + bacon—a winning, alliterative combo.

Green Bean Casserole ($25, serves 4) |
There’s bechamel involved, so… nothing else to say here.

Turkey Gravy ($20, 1 quart)
We said everything but the turkey, not everything but the gravy.

Cranberry Sauce ($20, 1 quart) |
No need to wait ’til December for cran-berry and bright.

The Sweets

(prices are all inclusive, no need to add extra!)

Apple + Oat Crisp ($20, serves 4-6)
Fall in the form of crumbly sweetness.

Maple Sugar Pumpkin Pie ($20, serves 6-8)
The classic, WECO’ized.

If you’ve made it this far without hitting a request button, we applaud you! But really, these babies are gonna go fast, so get to it 🙂

We’ll confirm your request WITHIN 48 HOURS so you have plenty of time to plan.

Everything But The Turkey

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