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Everything but the Turkey!

We cook so you don’t have to. Spend more time with your
loved ones this Holiday! Happiness served. Dinner solved.

Sides - WECO style

Our chefs are here to cook up all your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes so you can relax and enjoy the day.


Plus we gotchu covered for the sweets from maple sugar pumpkin pie to apple crisp

Get me this goodness

What to expect

All portions serve 4+ people and prices range from $20-$25 (all inclusive plus $6 delivery)

Order Now for PICK UP Wednesday 11/24
Order Now for DELIVERY Wednesday 11/24


This is our second holiday dinner, and the first was a hit! Check out what some
people said after eating our Thanksgiving sides 🙂

When we’d get the menu each week everyone put their devices down and gathered around to decide our weekly order. Everyone wanted to try something, even the picky eaters!

Parker Middle School

We adore WECO and are super excited to partner with you again!

Brookline Elementary

You’re doing all the heavy lifting! This is a no-brainer

Tricia, Fundraiser Organizer
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